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Best Student Paper Prize

Best Paper Prize

The prize will be awarded each year to two papers (minimum 6 pages in length) written by UCR undergraduates with a major or minor in MEIS OR NON MAJORS taking MEIS courses at UCR that demonstrate a critical reading and understanding of the Middle East and the Islamic world across disciplines and time periods . The faculty teaching MEIS courses can nominate students for the competition or a student can directly submit his/her paper to the director of MEIS by April 15. The evaluating committee will make a decision by mid-May.

The prize (first winner and honorable mention) will be a cash award, a recent book written by MEIS faculty and a letter of recognition by the director of MEIS. The names, pictures and the titles of the papers of the winners will be posted on the MEIS website.

For more information please visit our website www.meis.ucr.edu and/or contact MEIS director, Professor Muhamad Ali, muali@ucr.edu.

All papers must be written for MEIS courses at UCR.
Students can apply more than once but they will be awarded a prize only one time.

  • First Prize of the Best Undergraduate Paper Award: Brianna Alonzo; Paper title “The Tudeh Party and Its Impact”
  • Second Prize of the Best Undergraduate Paper Award: Jacquelin Diaz; Paper title “Iran and the United States: A Relationship Forged in Oil, Fire, and Blood”
  • First Prize of the Best Graduate Paper Award: John Haberstroh; Paper title “The Circle of Justice and Gardens in the Archaemenid and Ottoman Empires” 
  • Second Prize of the Best Graduate Paper Award: Tyler Shattuck; Paper title “Successions of Greatness and Retrogrades of Declination: Foreign Travelogues in Safavid Persia”
  • MEIS also is pleased that Maryam Baig, a MEIS major, received Academic Excellence for CHASS.