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MEIS in Photos

This year (2015-16) , Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (MEIS) Program organized a Panel discussion on Syrian Refugees on November 2 (led by Fariba Zarinebaf, Selin Yildiz (Glocally Connected) Leen Kawas and Sherry McKay (Glocally Connected). Sherine Hafez organized a conference in January on Islamophobia with Meis faculty, guest lecturers from UCLA and UC- Irvine and UCR students.

MEIS also organized with co-sponsorship by the history department a series of talks and workshops with historians, Brian A. Catlos (University of Colorado) , Nile Green (UCLA) on Muslim Christian Encounters in Europe. On January 27, the panel discussion, Infidels or Brothers,the integration and marginalization of Muslims in Europe with Brian Catlos included Provost Paul D'Anieri, John Ganim (English) Randolph Head (History), and Fariba Zarinebaf (History). Brian Catlos also held a workshop with graduate students from history on Writing Muslims in Mediterranean History. On April 25, Nile Green delivered a talk (co-sponsored by Global Nineteenth Century Workshop) on his newly published book, The Love of Strangers, What Six Muslim Students Learned in Jane Austin'sLondon. The events engaged faculty, graduate and undergraduate students on important themes of interactions and encounters in Europe as well as critical perspectives on history of Islamophobia.

With Professor Nile Green ( UCLA), delivering a talk on his book, The Love of Strangers, What Six Muslim Students Learned in Jane Austen's London, April 25, 2016.

With Provost D'Anieri, prof. Brian Catlos (University of Colorado at Boulder), prof. Ganim (English),prof. Head (History) and MEIS chair prof. Zarinebaf on a panel discussion on Muslim Christian Encounters in Europe, January 2016.

With Professor Catlos at a workshop with History graduate students, Writing Muslims in European history.

With profs. Jeff Sacks, Sherine Hafez and MEIS faculty and students at a workshop on Islamophobia, January 2016.

With Selin Yeldiz, Sherry McKay (Glocally Connected), Leen Kawas, graduate student and Fariba zarinebaf at a panel discussion on the Syrian Refugee Crisis, November 2015.