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Major Requirements

56 Units Total

NOTE: All students interested in declaring this major must seek advisement from the MEIS Director
(see contact information below) before completing paperwork with a Multidisciplinary Academic Advisor.

  1. Language Requirement (24 units)
    • Students must satisfy foreign language proficiency up to the 6th quarter level in one of the following: *Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Hebrew, Urdu, or Indonesian/Malay. Students may satisfy this requirement either through a placement exam or course work in that language.

  2. Select three (3) courses from the following required list (total 12 units)
    At least one course is required in each area
    1. I. Survey Courses
    • ARLC/ RLST/ 157 Introduction to Arabic Literature and Cultures
    • RLST 111: Islam
    • RLST 113: Topics in Modern Islam
    • HIST 121: Middle Eastern History, 1200 to 1800
    • HIST 124: Women in Middle Eastern and Islamic History

    1. II. Specialized Courses
    • GBST 169/ANTH 169: From the Maghreb to the Middle East
    • WMST 168: Gender and Power in Muslim Societies
    • POSC 156: Political Systems across Muslim Societies

  3. Select five (5) courses from the elective areas (total 20 units)
    1. Arabic Literature and Cultures
      ARLC 120: Classical Arabic Literary Prose
      ARLC/CPLT 154/PHIL 128: Introduction to Arabic Philosophy
      ARLC/CPLT/MEIS 151: Palestine/Algeria
      ARLC/CPLT/MEIS/RLST 156: Jews and Arabs
      ARLC/CPLT 152: Modern Arabic Poetry in a Multilingual Frame
      ARLC/CPLT/MEIS/RLST 158: Islam and Psychoanalysis

    2. Anthropology
      ANTH 136/SEAS 136: Anthropological Perspectives on Gender in Southeast Asia
      ANTH 140 (E-Z): Ethnographic Interpretations (courses focusing on Middle Eastern or Islamic studies ONLY)

    3. Asian Studies
      AST 167/CPLT 167: Postcolonial Literature and Criticism in Southeast Asia and South Asia

    4. Comparative Ancient Civilizations
      CPAC/CLA/POSC 121: Monarchy

    5. Creative Writing
      CRWT185e: Special Topics in Nonfiction, "Memoirs from the Middle East
      CWPA 256:
      Contemporary Literature of the Middle East

    6. Economics
      ECON 170E: Economic Development in India

    7. Global Studies
      GBST 191: Seminar in Global Studies (courses focusing on Middle Eastern or Islamic studies ONLY)

    8. History
      HIST 030: Themes and Personality in History (courses focusing on Middle Eastern or Islamic studies ONLY)
      HIST 111: Public History and Community Voices HIST 126: Istanbul in History and Fiction
      HIST 125: Islam and Revolution in Iran

    9. Middle East and Islamic Studies
      MEIS 199: Senior Research

    10. Media and Cultural Studies
      MCS 172: Topics in the Film and Media Genres (courses focusing on Middle Eastern or Islamic studies ONLY)

    11. Political Science
      POSC 107: Non –Western Political Thought POSC 133: Politics of Central Asia in Comparative Perspective
      POSC 120: The Politics of India and Pakistan POSC 152: Politics of the Middle East

    12. Religious Studies
      RLST 7: Introduction to Western Religions
      RLST 116:
      Religion and Violence
      RLST 124K: Zionism and the Holocaust
      RLST 121: Hebrew Bible/ Old Testament
      RLST 130: Bible/New Testament
      RLST 149: Southeast Asian Religions
      RLST 150: Islam in Southeast Asia
      RLST 151: Reading the Qur'an
      RLST 155/PHIL 155: Peace in the Middle East (PHI 155) (proposed course)

    13. Theatre
      THEA 191J: Staging the Middle East

    14. Women’s Studies
      WMST 109: Women, Politics and Social Movements
      WMST 151: Islam, Women, and the State
      WMST 162: Women Issues in Modern Muslim Thought

Faculty Advisor/Contact

Muhamad Ali
Associate Professor of Religious Studies
Chair, Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
(951) 827-5111

*Currently UCR only offers Arabic language but students can take one of the other required language classes either abroad or at another UC campus upon PRIOR APPROVAL by MEIS Director.