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Persian MiniatureThe major and minor in Middle East and Islamic Studies offer a broad course of interdisciplinary and theoretically informed study. It is designed to provide a broad understanding of the history, politics and culture of the Middle East and Muslim societies. The coursework introduces students to the complexity and diversity of the cultural and geographic regions that are represented in the Middle East and Islamic world with focuses on gender, history, religion, literature, popular discourses and politics.  
MEIS faculty are drawn from the Departments of Anthropology, Comparative Literature, Hispanic Studies, History, Media and Cultural Studies, Religious Studies, Theatre, Political Science, and Women’s Studies. Their research and expertise canvass a vast and diverse area from Muslim Spain to Ottoman Greece, and North Africa, in the west, to Central Asia, Indonesia, and South Asia, in the east.  Thematically, MEIS faculty examine such issues as social, economic, urban, gender and legal history; Arabic language and literature; identity politics; media in India; theatre and representation; literary studies; state, society and religion; gender and modernity; Islamic movements; human rights; transnationality; and pluralism.

Careers and employment opportunities: International organizations, The United Nations; Think Tanks; Education; Government; International Business; International Law; Public Health; Graduate School.

The MEIS major and minor could be combined with any field. We urge students to consider "study abroad" and doing an internship through UCDC or any other organization. Check our FB for upcoming opportunities.

The Program of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at UCR
The Islamophobia Series on Islam in Europe and Muslim- Christian Encounters present:

Brian Aivars Catlos, Professor of Religious Studies (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Infidels or Brothers? Integration and Marginalization of European Muslims in
the Pre-Modern Era

Commentary by: Randolph Head (History), John Ganim (English) & Fariba Zarinebaf (MEIS & History)

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